Friday, May 8, 2015

Summer Bucket List 2015

I just found out this morning that my summer class, which would have run for 2 hours on MWF from this coming Monday into mid-June, was cancelled. I suddenly have the feeling of a gigantic ocean of time opening up before me. One that I can swim around in. Having time is such an indulgence (if only I had the extra money to go along with the extra time; I guess the Rolling Stones were right after all).

So, what do I plan to do? Well, lots of things. Here's my Summer Bucket List.

1. Read the following books: Beale Street Dynasty: Sex, Song, and the Struggle for the Soul of Memphis, Bad Feminist, So We Read On: How the Great Gatsby Came to Be and Why It EnduresBorn with Teeth, Girl in a Band, Zelda (I'm starting there; I'm sure I'll add more).
2. Re-read the Harry Potter series with my oldest daughter and watch all of the movies. Again.
3. Prep for my new classes coming up in the Fall.
4. Write my essay on Carroll's influence on Bishop and Plath and wrap my other book project.
5. Remodel the kitchen (paint the walls and either get new counters/paint the old ones - I'm over the 1970s turquoise).
6. Clean out my home office so that I can actually walk through it/sit in it. Oh, and work in it, I guess;).
7. Spend almost every evening at the pool.
8. Refurbish the wicker couch I inherited and reupholster the French antique chairs. And the bench. Have I mentioned that I have never reupholstered anything?
9. Clean out my closet, getting rid of every article of clothing that makes me feel like a stuffed sausage.
10. Relax on the porch. Regularly.
11. Take a Ducky tour of Pittsburgh.
12. Eat at Pho Van in the Strip.
13. Take the kids to Sandcastle for the first time.
14. Paint the book spines on the basement steps.
15. Let the kids run around in fountains in the "Big City." Free entertainment.
16. Bike ride and swim at Ohiopyle. Teach Sophie to ride a bike first. And how to read.
17. Sip wine at the Summit Inn while watching the sun set on the hills beyond the mountain.
18. Eat Pamela's Pancakes.
19. Have my kids think magical toy fairies came and rid them of excess toyage in the playroom.
20. Dig my toes into the sand.

That's not too many things, right;)? Oh, summer, how I love you. A/J

Feel free to steal this printable and write in your own ideas. I love doing one with the kids with the things they want to do. They love crossing things off as we go:). 

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