Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Red Lipstick and Combat Boots

2015 is here. So far, she's come in with a bang. My husband totaled his truck (which we only had for about two months) on black ice. I slid my car into a curb about three days later, also on ice, and jammed up the front left wheel. Sophie fell ill with a stomach bug (which, as any parent knows, is THE. WORST.). All that said, the New Year finds us all relatively happy and healthy. 

My friend posted this picture the other day on her Facebook page, graffiti from a college women's bathroom where she used to teach.
Red Lipstick Combat Boots
Photo Credit: Erin Keely Johns Speese
And I thought, why not make it that kind of year? Honestly, I feel comfortable with where my life is right now, even if a lot of things seem up in the air and many others could be changed for the better. My goal: To learn again how to enjoy my life without having to be busy every single second of the day. I want to find a balance between work and pleasure. I am no longer interested in days that are so heavily laden with work that I can't find time to relax (Funny Sophia quote from the other day, btw - Me, to my husband: "I just don't know how to relax any more, to be still." Sophie, from the playroom: "Just do what Dad does."). 

Let me know what your plans for the year are. Meanwhile, I'll be channeling my inner Gwen Stefani;). A/J

Red Lipstick Combat Boots

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