Tuesday, December 9, 2014

What to do when your "new" house is filled with crazy old wallpaper ...

Sharing today how we dealt with the wallpaper situation in our house (this is an older post, but I'm re-sharing it because some asked for it after the Instagram/Facebook shot I posted of my daughter's bedroom). Some of that wallpaper we kept, some of it went the way of the perm.
Sometimes, when life hands you lemons, you have to make lemonade. When we bought our house this past August, there was, um, "interesting" wallpaper everywhere. In each and every bedroom. In the kitchen. On the ceilings. On the doors. You name it.

1960s Blacklight Wallpaper
This blacklight wallpaper was my absolute favorite!! It was put up, according to the son of the previous owners (who lived here for 48 years), in 1968. It covered the whole room. It was super-psychedelic. It was awesome. It could stay. That carpet, not so much. Bright green, and when we pulled it back - horsehair padding. HORSEHAIR. Which is really, extremely super itchy, by the way. 

In the kitchen. Turquoise and peach. Perfect combination. There were, in some places, three layers of  wallpaper. Some of the cabinets were wallpapered. In short, nightmare. It all had to go, leaving behind damaged plaster walls that required some serious elbow grease on our part.
The Master Bedroom. Blue toile wallpaper EVERYWHERE (check the doors out). The room looked so small with the paper and the custom draperies, straight out of 1982. Also, when we pulled back the wallpaper, we had to deal with mildew issues. Another reason never to put wallpaper on your walls. It traps everything:(. 
Oh, yeah... There were also a lot of questionable carpet. All of which we removed. Fast. In this picture, I am sitting, cup of coffee in hand, staring at Carpet Mountain, thinking to myself, now what in the hell are we supposed to do with all of that shit? 
So, here is what we did with the rocking wallpaper. We made it work.

First up, we stripped the wallpaper off of three walls and then painted two walls bright green and one wall purple. We also refinished the floors. 
This was the floor underneath the horsehair padding. 
1960s Blacklight Wallpaper
Some funky and functional Ikea furniture, and  everyone thinks that wallpaper is the coolest part of her room.
My rule? Make it look intentional. Like it was always supposed to be there;).

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