Saturday, December 6, 2014

Fun Book Project for Middle-Grade Readers: Create a Playlist for a Book

Recently, my kid came home with the coolest project for one of her gifted classes. She had been asked to design a creative playlist to go with Jerry Spinelli's book, Stargirl, a book that lends itself well to this sort of thing.

I loved the list she created. It was varied, and a lot of the songs matched up really well with the moments in the book she paired them with. Yes, this is not constructing a machine out of Kinex that will move ping-pong balls from one end of a table to another (a project she actually has to undertake later in the year), but it is a fun way to get young readers, especially those who are deeply into music, to make the books they are reading come alive.

Stargirl Playlist

So, here's her Stargirl list. We then had a discussion about how the Music Supervisors for films pick soundtracks, especially for movies based on books. It was pretty cool.

Book Projects for Kids

Let us know if you try this with your kids. We'll add their playlists to our song library. A/J

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