Monday, November 3, 2014

The Plans for My New Pretties

My husband was skeptical about these forlorn French-inspired chairs. I, however, am not.
When I learned over the weekend that a friend of mine had two chairs and a wicker couch that she was giving away, I jumped at the chance to make them a part of the Nest. I have been searching for just the right chairs for the two corners of our bedroom, and they are perfect in design.
As you can see from this picture, they are not in the best of condition. They were originally upholstered in this delectable butter yellow silk (see the picture below), but over time (the chairs, from what I can tell, were made in the 1970s), that silk has disintegrated and shredded (I think, largely, from sun exposure). I would keep them in the same design but for two reasons. First of all, silk just would not work in my house; not with a clawed cat and a four-year-old. Second, the yellow just doesn't go in the bedroom.

This close-up gives you a sense of how the silk just basically fell apart.
I'm thinking of finishing them in a creamy grey velveteen or some other fabric in that same color.  I don't want to paint them. I love their original finish, even if everything else in our bedroom is a dove white. I think the paint finish won't look as yellow once the fabric is changed. My mom is going to help me cover them; she's an expert reupholsterer. I'll share them when they are done:)).

Here's the wicker couch. She looks a little rough, but she's actually very sturdy (and damned heavy). She's also about six feet long - perfect for stretching out in the afternoon with a book on the back porch. She's due, first of all, for a paint job, probably again in white. I like white wicker.

This is the original fabric, I think. The cushions on the seating have been replaced, from what I can tell. I'm not a huge fan of brocade and the fabric is in terrible shape, so I'll be reupholstering the back and then adding new seat cushions (cushier ones) and pillows, using my mom's wicker remodel from her porch as inspiration. She has the most beautiful porch. And the comfiest pillows (most of which she bought at Ikea FYI).

I probably won't get to this until next Spring or over the looooooooong winter months ahead of us. Stay tuned.

So, I'm curious. What would you do with these if they were yours? How would you finish them? A/J

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