Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Books I Plan to Read over Christmas Break

These are the books on my reading list for the Christmas break. I cannot wait to get started!

I've been holding off on this one, because I want to read it so bad. It's interesting though; I really don't care for Dunham's point of view sometimes. But I admire her bravado. Can't wait to read it.
I'll be teaching a dark fairy tales course in the spring. Gretel and the Dark, by Eliza Granville, seems like the perfect way to shift gears.
I read some Picoult over the summer (The Storyteller), and liked it very much as an escapist read. I've decided to try another.
I saw this one at Target last night (about Edgar Allan Poe's wife and a mistress). It looks interesting.
Four books seems doable, right? What are you planning to read over the holiday? A/J

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