Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Taking Stock

As the last remnants of a vibrant fall wither away into winter, I'm left thinking. What do I want to happen next? Am I happy with my life the way it currently stands? What do I want to change?

Here's the thing. I get bored very easily and love constant "newness," but I also very much like routines and am, at heart, a creature of habit. In other words, I like to eat the same thing for breakfast every morning (peanut-butter toast), park in the same spot in the garage (Forbes, Level 5, center in front of the chain), and sit in the same chair for an hour or so every night before I go to bed (with a glass or two of wine), but throughout the day, I want to experience new things, read new books, see new places, eat new foods, wander through new stores and city streets. I want to explore and then come home.

These last few years, my husband and I have been knocked off the intended course of things, career-wise. The next few years promise more change. I have one final year left on my 5-year contract before I will, most likely, lose my job due to constraints on hiring practices at the university where I currently work. This is most depressing, since I love my job and I think I am damn good at doing it. The only upside to this is that maybe it will force me to do something new and different that will help me to grow as a benefit.

So, in short, I want permanence, stability, and comfort at the same time I want risk and change and a new "spring." Does anyone else feel like this? Do you feel like you've really landed where you are supposed to be in life or do you, like me, still feel suspended in the air? A/J

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