Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Statement Sweaters and the Best Pair of Tights You Will Ever Purchase

I am obsessed this fall with sweaters that make a statement, literally. I am working my way through purchasing the entire line of loquacious toppers at the Loft Outlet as we speak. The next up on the list is the "Dream" one.

Merci Sweater from Loft
My sweater is saying "Thanks for stopping by the Skull!"

I love these sweaters so damn much, I even bought my two-month old niece one. She needed it.

Bonjour Sweater Janie and Jack
Janie and Jack Bonjour Sweater
Once I finish it up at Loft, it's on to this Foxy sweater and its friends at Tar-jay.

Fox Sweater from Target
Foxy Statement Sweater from Target
While we're shopping, let me tell you about my favorite pair of no-fail, go-to every time tights, since we are entering tight season. Here's the thing about tights. The bastards can end up around your knees in a heartbeat, and then you're stuck walking around like Gumby or, if you're like my sister in law, cutting the top off and holding up the legs with rubber bands (true story).

These tights will not fail you. And they are cheap!! They are from Express - the Body Shaping Full Tight in Black. You. are. welcome. You will love them.

Express Body Shaping Full Tight
What's your favorite sweater this Fall? Do tell. A/J
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