Sunday, November 30, 2014

Our Kindness Elves Have Arrived!!

Kindness Elf Ideas
Say hello to Jingle and Jerry, Jack the Elf's much nicer cousins (even if Jerry looks a little grumpy).
So you guys already know how I feel about the Elf on the Shelf. Not. a. fan. And so, when a friend posted about the Kindness Elves, an alternative to the Elf on the Shelf, on her page, I really wanted to try them out. I immediately sent away to the North Pole and ordered two elves, cousins of our old elf, Jack, who was becoming more and more insufferable as the years went along.

These two jolly gentlemen left the girls two notes. The first serves as a sort of introduction.

Here's what it says: Dearest Maggie and Sophia, We are so excited that your mom sent to the North Pole and asked to have us delivered expressly to you! Hold the boat. First things first! Our names are Jingle and Jerry. We are Jack the Elf's cousins. We're a little different though. We are good elves who love to help and notice kindness in others. You know what kindness is, right? We've been sent to share this kind of love and magic with you at Christmastime. Because love and magic and kindness are what Christmas is all about. So .... here's what you do. We'll leave a note every morning in your Advent calendar tree with something nice and fun to do for the day. We hope you love us as much as we already love you. P.S. Enjoy the candies. ~Jingle and Jerry

The other note awaits opening. I can't wait until they get up in the morning. I really do think they are going to love doing these little acts of kindness. Especially since candy sweetens the deal;). A/J

Day 1.

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