Thursday, November 27, 2014

I Survived My First 5K

Guys. I just had to stop by and tell you that I survived today (see my post yesterday if you're curious about what I mean.) I more than survived. I exceeded my expectations and ran it in 31 minutes and 41 seconds. I consider that a great personal victory. And I've been on a runner's high all day that really helped me enjoy a holiday when I usually feel tired, sluggish, and just all-around ugh. If a Turkey Trot comes your way next year, you should totally try it! Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving!! I hope you had a great one:). A/J

Pops and I at the starting line. Holy cow, it was cold.

Me at the finish. I'm taking this picture the next time I go shopping for blush. And yes, that is frost on my hat. 

Pops at the finish line. I think he thought he was being arrested.

We both gave it a thumbs up!! We'll be back next year!

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