Sunday, November 2, 2014

Halloween Hangover ...

I've just finished putting away the Halloween decorations (otherwise known as moving most of the things back to their rightful places in the house;)). One note, I think you can rank your favorite holidays based on the amount of decorations you own for each. In this house, Christmas wins. But Halloween is a close second.
Me, as the Shadow Man. One of my favorite costumes of all time.
This year's All Hallow's Eve was a hurricane of fun activities. I shall now call it the year of three costumes and 5 parties in one weekend. Here are some highlights. Hope yours was as great as ours!!

This year, I also did cute. I don't usually do cute. But here it is.

My other little Minnies:).

Sophie and her BFF, Serena. I loved the My Little Pony costume. So Cute:).

Beetlejuice and his bride.

Axl and Slash.

Slash Jr. and sexy backup dancer;).

Cabbage Patches.

Rocky (In case you didn't guess, this was an 80s themed Halloween Party).

More Shadow Manning.

Creepy rag doll.

Cute cats.

My favorites of the whole night. Blues Brothers.

They earned two pictures.

Another cute cat.

My "little" brother.
Until next year!! A/J

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