Friday, November 28, 2014

Beloved Christmas Books {Guest Blog}

Good morning, everyone! So, we can now officially set our sights on Christmas, right? On that note, I guest-blogged over at Beauty Through Imperfection this week about my favorite Christmas books for kids. Stop by Paula's blog for a visit, comment with your favorite book, and add some new books to our reading list:)!! I love finding books I've missed over the years.

Favorite Christmas Books

On another note, are you Black Friday shopping? The girls and I are getting ready to shower up and hit the stores for a little while, after a hardy lunch. I'm so glad I decided not to go last night. Not interested in the least this year in being up all night. Some stores here opened at 4:00 on Thanksgiving. 4:00!! That's sacrilegious. Have a great day:)!! A/J

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