Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Our Disney Villain Party

Every story needs a villain. Think about it. Tell me one compelling story that does not include some horrible (if not horrible, at least skewed) person wreaking havoc on all of the good people involved. I dare you.

Disney Villains Birthday
Villains Only: Enter at your own risk!!!

For my daughters' birthday party this year (their birthdays are exactly one week apart, so we typically have a joint party - apparently, my husband and I make poor birth-control decisions around the Christmas season;)), we had a Disney Villain party. Every single person attending had to dress as their "favorite" villain from a Disney film. It was such fun, dahling. Let's relive it (you still have time to theme your Halloween party - and if you do a Disney Villain one, please please please please send me pictures/tag me on Instagram at @aliceineastwash. TIA).

Poisoned Apple Cupcakes
I ordered these poisoned apple cupcakes from a friend's home bakery business. I basically told her I wanted apples that resembled the ones in the Snow White film and edible glitter and she ran with it. The kids LOOOOOOOVED them. Out of 48 cupcakes, zero were left.

We dolled up the house, with mums, skeletons, pumpkins, and our black candy pumpkin.

Evil Queen Costume
I made my own poisoned apple to carry around, purchasing a fake apple from the dollar store and covering it in glitter glue.

The d├ęcor included typical scary accoutrements and my favorite fairy-tale books, these Camille Rose Garcia ones figuring prominently. ... Gee, I need to post about those books. I don't think I ever have. More to come.

Spider-web cupcake tiers were perfect for displaying the wares.

Evil Queen Costume from Snow White
I think I loved this costume just a little too much. Shoot me.

Maleficent Kids Costume
Poor Maleficent. She really couldn't help smiling. These costumes were borrowed from a friend, who had purchased them from the Disney Store years ago.

Cruella Halloween Costume
Don't tell my Mom I posted this, but they look so cute. Cruellas. In full regalia.

Evil Stepsisters Costumes
Evil Stepsisters.

Alice in Wonderland represented.

Evil Queen and Snow White Mother Daughter Costume
My niece was not so sure of me. Smart girl.

Maleficent Cupcakes
Maleficents go marching one by one. Hurrah. Hurrah. My mother-in-law made these cupcakes from recipes found on Pinterest.

The whole crew. I think my favorite costume was the Big Bad Wolf.

These two have my heart forever. Who says Evil Queens are rotten to the core?
 What party to plan next year???? The wondering is upon me. A/J

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