Monday, October 20, 2014

Guys. Parenting is hard.

I'm writing this to you from my darkened, blissfully silent living room at nearly 11:00 PM. Let me tell you, the battle for this silence was hard fought. I mean, we're talking borderline Gettysburg here. I don't even know where to begin.

Blissful parenting bullshit pictures
God bless these people. But this here; this is a load of BS. Parenting only looks like this maybe 10% of the time. Via

Somehow, I deluded myself over the first few years of my children's lives into the belief that things get easier. Like, "Once we get past the diaper phase, then these kids will just start marching around like little minions, and I can even ask them to do chores, which they will do happily. Oh, and we can hang out and talk about cool stuff, like books and music." This actually kind of happened with my oldest child. The girl is so conscientious and responsible that I only really have to look at her sideways, and she straightens up.

Then, along came Sophie.

I mean, this child refuses to take anything I say at face value. Let's take tonight as an example. I tell her not to throw her brand-new tutu down the laundry shoot because it will end up stuck there, and she just refuses to accept the fact that this advice I am giving (which is actually good advice - I'm not just saying here, "Because I said so!!") is worth taking. Our "conversation" about the tutu then devolves into a shouting match in which she and I both lose our shit, I end up yelling, "Fine! Throw the damn tutu that we just spent $20 on down the laundry shoot and see what happens. I'm only almost 40 and YOU ARE 4!!" This then results in much crying, a tutu stuck in the laundry shoot (I'll leave that for my husband to figure out when he gets home from his fun night of beer and football), more crying, bed with no stories, high blood pressure, and general stress on everyone involved, including the oldest child who just was trying to dodge tutu bullets and stay out of the "conversation."

I seriously have a conversation with Sophie every day that includes, at some point, "I really don't want to argue with you. Arguing with you makes me have a very bad day."


What to do? I mean, really, what do I do? Do others of you have one child that pushes every single one of your buttons? Don't get me wrong. There are many, many wonderful things about Sophie. She's funny, smart, creative, independent - and everyone loves her. But sometimes, sometimes I wish she was just a little more pliable. How do I let her continue to grow and be independent and question things and not go completely insane?

Double sigh. A/J

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