Monday, October 27, 2014

A Dollar-Store Halloween

I love a good deal. I also love browsing my local Dollar Stores and the Dollar Spot in Target for fun things, especially for holiday decorating.

Dollar Store Halloween Deals

This year, I scored big at these stores for Halloween. Here's what we found.

Cute dishtowels from Dollar General, $2 a piece for different designs.

Dollar Store Halloween Dish Towels
More kitschy dish towels. Also from Dollar General.

Floating ghosts - $1 a piece from Dollar General. You could create a legion of ghosts in your trees.

Halloween Keep Calm Sign
A great sign for me this week, when I have nine million things to do and am throwing a huge Halloween party Friday night.

Love these window clings from Dollar General. The waving ghost is actually a window cling for your car, which would be fun this time of year. Only $1 for a sheet of clings!!

These "drapes" were $1.25 a piece, but everything is now half off - so they would be even cheaper now. I hang them over the doorframes and curtains.

Cute signs.

Spider "webs" and glittery spiders.

Skulls - black and white accessories for the living room.

Decorating the Front Door for Halloween
A perfect Halloween door - for $1.
These lights are the best. They come in green, purple and orange. They were $3.50, but are now $1.75 on sale. Please don't buy them all. I need some more;).
Bottle labels from the Dollar Spot at Target. See below.
Bottle Labels for Halloween

More lights. They are the perfect touch.
Not really Halloween, but I couldn't pass this little candle-holder up. I love it:). The Power of Positive Thinking.
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