Monday, October 27, 2014

10 Fairy-Tale Fashions I Wish, I Wish, I Wish I Could Rock

Do you ever wish you could dress like the heroine in a fairy-tale? Or is this just something that I weirdly fantasize about on a daily basis? Anywho, here are the top 10 fairy-tale fashions I wish my fairy godmother would bestow upon me (where is that bitch anyway?).

Little Red Riding Hood cloak
10. The red hooded cape, a la a grown-up Little Red (who just happened to fall out of an Anthro catalog).
Alice in Wonderland Prom
9. Alice Goes to Prom (I think Alice is an English fairy tale, so this counts for me).
Cinderella's heels
8. These Cinderella shoes. Wow.

Cinderella dress vintage
Preferably with this vintage 1950s dress.
side braid
7. For the modern Rapunzel, the chunky braid, waist-length instead of tower-length. You know, for the girl on the go. (If only I had long hair).
Elsa dress high fashion
6. Elsa would totally wear this. What I wouldn't give to wear it too.
Sleeping beauty fashion
5. A new belt for the modern Maleficent. (No chastity belt jokes).
Snow White fashion
4. The cape. The lace. The red lip. All of it.
Beast's library skirt
3. Belle's Library. On a skirt.
Sleeping Beauty Fashion
2. Aurora at Work.
Shadow Man Halloween Costume
1. And finally, in a bit of cross-dressing, the Shadow Man. I will actually be dressing up as him on Friday for Halloween. And then, I just might wear a version of this outfit on Monday. You know. To scare the students a little;).  

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