Monday, September 22, 2014

Where I've Been....

What a beautiful, blessed week this was. Here's a taste of it while I try to deal with all of the stuff I've put off dealing with while basking in its glow.

Newborn Pictures: Dads with Tattoos
Say hello to my sleepy little niece, Lily Marie, born last Thursday.

Newborn Pictures: Dads with Tattoos
She's just so sweet. I have to share a few more.

Hello, little one. How does the world look?

Mid-Length Red to Blonde Ombre Haircut
Got my hair did. Red to blonde ombre. I like it, but it takes some getting used to. I've never been red before.

Oh yeah. Except this part. If I ever, EVER say I am going to work another fundraising event, just shoot me. I mean it. Not worth it. At all.  

Kids Walking with the Dog in the Country
Out walking on Seven Creeks Road. Puppy-sitting. I am not a dog person (figured that out fast). This road is cool though; you literally have to drive through seven creeks to get to the other end of it. Hence the fact that there is zero traffic.

Playing in the Creek
Hunting for minnows in Gump Tommy's creek.

Date night with the husband. Which happens once in a blue moon.

The flannel pjs, dark nail polish, and black cats are back. Which makes me very happy.

Sophie is super-excited about dance tonight.

I saw an old autumn in the misty morn.
The weather is definitely changing too. I love fall so much.

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