Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Nest at Halloween

One good thing about my house is that, at Halloween, I really don't have to change all that much to make it creepy/scary;).

That said, here's how we're looking here at the Nest. How are you decorating for Halloween this year? Any new and fun projects? A/J

Candy Pumpkin Halloween
Special props if you can spot the #hiddenariel. Sophie was intent that she should be included in the picture. For more on our Black Candy Pumpkin, see here.

Martha Stewart Stair Rats Halloween
The rats are back. As is a passed out Ariel. Naughty girl. For more about the rats, see here.

Glitter Black Cat Garland for Halloween
Who doesn't love a #catalier??
Frame Vintage Halloween Cards for Halloween
I love vintage Halloween cards:)). For more on the candles, see here.

Bats and rats.

Halloween Mantle
The Halloween mantle.

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