Friday, August 8, 2014

Painting Linoleum Floors: Basement Rehab

Painting Linoleum Floors
Turns out painting linoleum floors is fairly controversial amongst one's friends. But I decided to throw caution to the winds and do it anyway, because the situation in our creepy-looking basement and its creepy-looking floors couldn't get any worse. The linoleum in the basement was beyond repair - it was so dirty-looking and gross it didn't even require a good sand because so many years of wear and tear had left it without any sheen on it whatsoever. Plus, painting the floors would cost a fraction of what laying vinyl plank or any other acceptable floor-covering would have cost, money that we just don't have right now (repeat after me: DIY on a budget. Like a shoestring).

I did a lot of research on painting linoleum floors before I decided to bite the bullet and do it. I found this site and its advice particularly helpful (this laundry room was also featured in a copy of Better Homes and Gardens magazine last year). So, I took most of her advice.

Here's what I did: I sanded any spots that seemed to retain a shine, cleaned the floors thoroughly with a high-powered floor cleaner, and then primed them, carefully painting the floor with a brush around the edges and then rolling on the primer (rolling it on is actually pretty fun - you can just pour the paint directly on the floor and then swish it around).

I then painted the floors (two coats) with Valspar Deck and Porch Paint (buying this type of paint is key, as it is durable, scratch- and water-resistant). One gallon was sufficient for the space, which is actually fairly large.

Here are some side-by-sides so you can see how far we have come at this point in the basement rehab:

Angle 1: This side of the basement actually gets a fair amount of light from the door and two windows. The space looks so much brighter without the 1970s dark-brown paneling, which I painted in Valspar Paint and Primer: Desert Fortress. The trim is Valspar's Dove White, which matches perfectly with the paint color of the other woodwork in the house. This space will be transformed into the "mudroom," as the entry to the garage is just off-camera to the right.

This formerly wasted space will soon be the dance room, where the girls can practice and play. You can really see how bad the shape of the linoleum floors was in this photo. The floor color is Valspar Deck and Porch paint in Teddy Bear. I thought this would be a good color to keep the space bright, but it would still hide any dirt we tracked in. I'll tell you more about the dance space when we finish it up.

Old linoleum versus "new" linoleum (plus my piggies). I actually kind of like the scrolled pattern now that it is subdued by the paint.
Here's me in my "painting overalls." Priming. This particular mirror has a funhouse quality. Oops.

I will let you know in a few months how they are holding up. Let's just say that, right now, I am beyond thrilled with the state of affairs in the basement. It looks so much better than it did! Stay tuned for more updates as we move along. What a project. A/J

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