Monday, August 11, 2014

Nectarine, Tomato, and Basil Salad

Nectarine, Tomato, and Basil Salad
Yesterday, over lunch, I read about this amazing-sounding salad in House Beautiful magazine. First of all, I am seriously addicted to magazines. I have been ever since I was a kid. I have a subscription to about 10 magazines a month: Country Living, Redbook, Martha Stewart, Better Homes & Gardens, HGTV, Self, Real Simple, Cooking Light, Gourmet (I used to also get magazines like Glamour, but they are so ridiculously insipid anymore, I don't bother; one can only read so many articles about how to look sexier or accentuate one's eyeballs). I don't like reading magazines on an e-reader either. It's just not the same experience (I recycle, so there's that). Sometimes, however, I just can't get around to reading them all and they pile up. One of the sweet joys of summer is wallowing around in the stacks of magazines that have collected upon themselves during the end of the school year.

So, this salad. This guy told a story (which made me very envious) about tooling around the Hamptons in a convertible (I think he was in a convertible; I imagined him in one anyway) looking for ingredients to pair with a "perfect" Burrata cheese from "the city" and picking up peaches, heirloom tomatoes, and basil from three of the scads of farmstands dotting the leisurely roads along the shoreline. Ugh. I hate rich people.

In my refrigerator, I had a bag of nectarines, some roma tomatoes, a shard of parmesan cheese, and basil (from my mom's garden). Those would have to do.

I diced up the nectarines and tomatoes, cut the basil in chiffonade (that was fancy anyway), drizzled the concoction in honey and balsamic vinegar, cracked on some pepper and sea salt, stirred it around, and shredded some parmesan over the top. It was absolutely delicious. Not as delicious as the heirloom tomato salad designed to complement the perfect Burrata, but it was pretty damn good anyway. You should try it:). A/J

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