Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Favorite Blogs of Late

Sometimes, I obsessively check in with certain blogs. I mean, I read everything that they have possibly written over the course of a week. Here are my latest favorites.

The first: Daniel Kanter's Manhattan Nest. Kanter and his partner made the somewhat crazy decision to buy a run-down Greek revival home in Kingston, NY and have spent the last several months diving into renovating it. He's funny, self-deprecating, and thorough. Have a read, and make sure you look at the earlier posts about the house so you can see just how far they have come.
The next stop is usually Design Sponge. I made my way here from Kanter's blog, because he told us about this house that was formerly an inn that a renovatory friend of his was rehabilitating. First of all, this house is ridiculously good. Go look at it. I love John McKinney's design sensibility. Also, Design Sponge on the whole is a Filofax filled with great ideas.
Yet another click away from Manhattan Nest is Door Sixteen. This blog, about renovating a Victorian, music, books, food, and more, is run by Anna Dorfman, who did the design for Manhattan Nest. I also love Dorfman's aesthetic - simplified, but electroshocked.

The last blog I've been reading obsessively is Hey Lauren Rene. I am on day 24 of my Advocare 24-Day Challenge, and Lauren's blog is very motivational in terms of eating clean and staying focused (especially on the days after the challenge, when you want to remain invested in your health).  

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