Friday, August 15, 2014

Back-to-School: Easy Scrabble Binder Project

Scrabble Binder Project
So my daughter has been bugging me incessantly for the last month about purchasing her school supplies. I mean, constant harassment. I'm ready to call the police.

We stopped in Jo-Ann Fabrics this past Wednesday because they were having some great National Grand Opening Event specials, and found these Scrabble tile stickers and metal-stud stickers, both on clearance for $1.97.  Two $2 binders later and we were in business.

I like this project because she could design it entirely herself; I just had a hand in purchasing the materials and some words of advice about making sure she had enough letters.

She first figured out how she would arrange the words and whether she would have enough letters to create the words she wanted to use (a good refresher in spelling and counting;)). Then, she decided to use the nail-head studs to decorate the spine of each binder.

Nail-head binder spine.

The finished project. I love how they turned out. PS: While you're there, get a $1.29 birdhouse for your little one to paint (in the $5 and under bins at the front of the store). She'll love you forever.

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