Sunday, June 8, 2014

Challenge Nation: The Ultimate Urban Scavenger Race

Somehow, I allowed my sister-in-law to sign me up for a Scavenger Hunt Race in downtown Pittsburgh. Let's make a few things clear: I'm not a racer - I am slow, and I don't like to run (if I am running, you can be pretty damn sure something is chasing me and you should start running too). I'm also not really a joiner; I'm more the type who stands by, drink in hand, poking fun at the people dressed up in ridiculous costumes (I also made stipulations about the costumes - no tutus, no tights, and no mom jeans). Needless to say, I was a little skeptical about the Pittsburgh Challenge, but we had a blast.

The challenge itself is an urban adventure race that travels around to different cities throughout the US. According to the company's website, "Each challenge is part 5K, part scavenger hunt, and part urban exploration" (Challenge Nation). Here's a little taste of our experience, running around the city (sometimes like chickens with our heads cut off).

The Neon Moms. Wrapping up the last challenge on the overlook at the top of Mount Washington. You had to take a photo of you documenting that you were at least 120 feet off the ground. Yikes.

Sustenance. A little sharkbite never hurt anybody.

'Merica. Nuff said.

The skinniest building in Pittsburgh. I now want to know the back story of said building ... more later. (Oh, and one of the 9,000 7-Elevens downtown). My sister-in-law looks super-enthused (I think she just really wants a beer).

Pretending to send the postcard that will remind us to come back next year (each photo you have to take requires you to meet some kind of requirement - like taking a picture with an old-fashioned blue mailbox ... above).

Or pushing over a statue. This. thing. won't. budge.

Well, when I joined my husband's family, I never thought my sister-in-law and I would be this close.

Finding a tourist and reenacting a scene from his or her home state. Can you guess which movie??

Getting ready to kill this thing. And by kill, I mean come in dead last. (You mean we were supposed to run? Why didn't I wear my sweatbands?)

O Captain, my captain ... at the starting gate.
For more on the race, and whether it's coming to a city near you soon, visit the website here. Hope you had a great Sunday too! I'm now ready to kick my feet up, relax, and finish Fifty Shades of Grey. A/J
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