Tuesday, May 20, 2014

His and Hers DIY Porch Pillows

DIY Mr. and Mrs. Porch Pillows
So for the last few months, I've been seeing everywhere on my Pinterest feed his and hers pillows that read Mr. and Mrs. I really wanted to recreate them for the porch, so I scouted our local Ikea for cheap pillows that I could stencil using stuff that I already had handy at home. Why shell out $40+ for two pillows when you can easily make them yourself??

Here's what I did to make my own:

The tools: a disposable bowl, duck tape, Martha Stewart high gloss fabric paint, a paintbrush (I would use a larger one, even a foam one, but this is what I had handy), and stencils (also, what I had handy from another project).  
The suspects: Two pillows, purchased from Ikea for $3.79 a piece. The colors are perfect for our porch, since we have a mix of lime green, turquoise, blue, white, and black, with pops of pink.
Align the stencils on the pillow and tape in place. I chose to use Mr. and Mrs., but you could pretty much stencil whatever you want on the suckers. I'm thinking of doing some other quotes on other pillows I have with smaller lettering. Then, holding the stencil down and doing one section at a time, apply the paint to the pillow, smoothing it out as you go for a uniform line.

After I removed the stencils, which I did right away so none of the paint would pull away from the pillow, I went back over the letters and free-handed the lines to remove any squiggles/splotches of paint that may have sneaked under the stencil. Then, you just let them dry.  
I love these chairs btw. I upcycled them with some glossy black spray paint and an old duvet cover cut up to recover the cushions; they were purchased for $9.99 a piece from the local Goodwill.
Here's what they looked like pre-paint. The cushions were so nasty, I covered them with sheets until I could do a better job reupholstering them. I love the large arms on the sides - they are perfect perches for drinks and books:).
Good luck! I hope yours turn out well if you decide to take on the project. Have a great week! A/J

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