Friday, April 11, 2014

This Saturday: Drop Everything and Read

Drop it. All of it. And pick up a book. 
Tomorrow is Drop Everything and Read Day. In honor of the event, here's a little ditty about how much I love the Scholastic Book Fair, which visits our University the very same week as DEAR day every year.
When I was in elementary school, little (except for perhaps Track and Field Day) was more exciting to me than the Scholastic Book Fair. The sight of those giant metal bookcases filled with paperbacks and picture books rolling into the school's lobby filled my little heart with glee. I waited impatiently for my class's scheduled time to visit, gazing longingly at the glut of new books every time we filed past the shelves on our way to gym, lunch, or music.  When it was finally our time to go, I was usually the last student to decide what to purchase, lingering over the choices, positively overwhelmed by the options. I always left the fair with my hands weighted with a new pile of books, a sensation I still love to experience.

Luckily, for the nine-year-old still living somewhere inside this 30-something body, the Curriculum Center at our university holds a Scholastic Book Fair on campus twice a year, and it's running this week, the same week as Drop Everything and Read Day. The same giant rolling bookcases. The same tantalizing covers of children's and young adult books beckoning from the silver shelves. Here's what I already bought.

Now, if you would kindly excuse me, I am rushing out to buy more before they close. Happy weekend! ~A/J

Oh! And don't forget, today is the last day to enter our Grimm giveaway at the blog. If you've already entered, stop by to tweet the giveway and earn five more entries or tell us in the comments about your favorite fairy tale for 10! Have a great weekend!!

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