Monday, April 28, 2014

On the Nightstand (or #whatimreading Right Now)

I get asked for reading recommendations a lot. Soooo, here's what's either currently on my nightstand, in my cart, or in my hands:).

A student of mine recently did a project on this book by Kate DiCamillo, and the prose in the quotations is so lovely, I'm ashamed to say I haven't read it yet. 
I have been hearing a lot of buzz about this book by E. Lockhart. Next on my reading list!
I finally gave in and started reading this series. I read two books in four days and am currently in the middle of the third. Let's just say it's a little addictive. Only start it if you have a little time on your hands (and yes, I do like the third book). 
I just finished teaching and hence re-reading this book. It just gets richer with each reader. I highly recommend it. 
If you're fresh out of erotica, try the Sleeping Beauty Trilogy from Anne Rice. Why not??
If you're more in the mood for literary criticism, I recommend this book that I pulled off the shelf for a student the other day. Re-reading the few pages I was interested in made me want to re-read this landmark text in its entirety. I love the superb writing by Gilbert and Gubar. 
This is my current bus-stop book. The chapters are just short enough to squeeze in in ten minutes. AND each chapter ends with a related recipe, which makes me itch to cook over the next few months. 
This will be my next memoir. I love books where the writer basically dumps everything and starts over completely anew. 
After watching Saving Mr. Banks, I really want to read more about Travers's life. I realize that Disney always skews the facts to construct its tales, so I'm curious about the truth behind Travers and her idiosyncracies. 
There you go. Let me know which ones you enjoy if you decide to tackle any of them. Happy reading!! J

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