Monday, March 24, 2014

Water-Marble Nails

by (Guest-Owl) Kaitlin McCracken

Water-marbled nails have always been something that my sister, Marissa, and I had wanted to try. Pinterest had given us the inspiration, but every time we would look at the pictures, I thought that it would be extremely difficult and very messy. All of the nails in the pictures were perfect and pretty. I never thought that Marissa and I would be able to make them look that nice, so I just continued to paint my nails with only one color. One day, however, Marissa brought me a video of how to do water-marbled nails. Within one day, I was able to paint my nails the way that I had dreamed of doing.

The first few videos we watched were very basic, so we tried the methods they suggested first. We got a cup of tap water and gathered a few nail polish colors. I dipped the brush in the polish and then dipped it into the water. This technique never worked and only made the brush very wet, which then had to be dried so it would not ruin the nail polish. Another thing that I noticed was that if I was able to get a drop of nail polish in the water, it would never spread out. It seemed to stay in a clump floating on top of the water. Marissa and I decided to go back to the drawing board. I watched a few more videos with tips in them that seemed like they would solve the problem that we were having.

On the second try, we gathered a small bowl with only a small amount of tap water in it (the deeper the water is the nail polish will just float on the top). We then also bought Sinful Colors Nail Polish, which was the only polish that Marissa and I could get to spread out. We purchased our nail polish at Giant Eagle (local to southwestern Pennsylvania) and Wal-Mart. We then also collected tape, toothpicks, q-tips, and paper towels.

In order for the water-marbling to be successful, it is important to work quickly. I found that if you paint the nail(s) you are water-marbling a solid color first, there will be a color underneath if there ends up being a water bubble that pops or if the whole nail does not get covered. On one of my nails, for example, I ended up having a tiny water bubble on top, but when it went away, there was still color there and my natural nail could not be seen.

After the first coat of polish on your nail(s) dries, cover your finger with tape around the cuticles. This will limit the amount of nail polish remover that must be used after water-marbling your nails. Next, have the nail polish that you are going to use open. Dip the brush in the polish and then hold it above the water. Tapping the top of the brush or slightly shaking it helps to form the drop of polish. Once it falls into the water, get the next color, place it near the center, and do the same. It should spread out. Do this as many times as you would like, and it should make a bull's-eye effect.

Once you are happy, take a toothpick and begin to pull the colors in towards the center. Start near the third line in because it will not have dried. Every time you use the tooth pick, it helps to wipe it off on a paper towel so the colors do not blend together. Once you are satisfied, place your finger nail face-down into the bowl. It is ok to submerge it in the water. Once you do this, take a toothpick and dip it in the water (anywhere in the bowl , swirling it a little gently), which will break the remaining nail polish away from your finger. The excess nail polish will stick together, which is normal. Then, take your finger out and let the polish set for a few seconds before taking the  cuticle tape off. Once the tape is removed, let the nail dry and you can remove any nail polish that got on your finger with a q-tip and nail polish remover. If you wish to do the process again, pour the water out and refill the bowl. Repeat the previous steps.

If you are looking for more neat designs or interesting color combinations, Youtube and Pinterest are also wonderful to look at for more inspiration. Good luck!! Kaitlin
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