Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Signature Memory Jewelry

Signature Memory Bracelet, Handwritten in Sterling Silver from Sparklesme
A dear friend of mine recently ordered a bracelet from Ash & Ash Co. in Nebraska that featured her father's signature. She had come across the company's website, which promises that you can "take any note, name, drawing, from any personal card or just a blank piece of paper and turn it into a keepsake you can cherish forever." She found her father's signature on an old document, snapped a picture on her iPhone, emailed it to the company, and within two weeks, the bracelet was in the mail. I think this is an amazing way to preserve someone's memory. To me, this kind of piece serves as the best kind of memento, one that keeps them at hand (so to speak) at all times.

I've done a little digging around on Etsy, and discovered several companies that do this sort of thing. Here are just a few examples of what you could order:

Handwritten "All My Love" Bracelet from capucinne
Name Bracelet from SilverElegant
Stamped Signature Bracelet from BEadOriginal
Vertical Signature Pendant from SilverElegant
I think I'll do this for my daughters one day. Maybe for graduation? (Looking waaaay ahead;)). A/J

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