Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Rap Sheet (The Week's Best in Looks, Books, Nooks, and More)

Yes, today is Valentine's Day, but it's also International Book Giving Day. Give a book to the ones you love!! 
If a lover of fairy tales is one of your lovers, you might gift them this little book, filled with illustrations of Grimm's fairy tales by contemporary artist and pop icon David Hockney
I have officially lost over 10 pounds on the Weight Loss Program I started in mid-January. I promised myself a new outfit when I had lost that much. I think this is the one I will try to recreate:). I'd pick something skimpier, but it is cold as hell in these here parts. 
As a good friend of mine said tonight, "The villains have all the fun." I think I would be Maleficent. Or Cruella. I hate dogs, and I love fashion. On that note, this post from The Main Street Mouse.
Check out who Wednesday Addams is burying. Poor Red. I guess she was fond of Charles Perrault's version. 
I plan on sending this Valentine to my husband. He would totally get it. ... Hey, babe ....
From The Onion, "College Grad First in Family to Waste $160,000." If it wasn't entirely true, it wouldn't be so f*@!ing funny. 
To close today, one of my favorite love songs, "Warm Love" by Van Morrison. 

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