Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Rap Sheet (The Week's Best in Books, Looks, Hooks, and Nooks)

This has been another busy week here at the Nest. Here's what caught our eye, made us think, and whipped up some excitement. Enjoy! A/J

These kitchen towels from One Kings Lane are rawther expensive. BUT they are so adorable, I think they are worth the splurge. 
Looking forward to starting the sequel to the first Miss Peregrine's book this weekend. I wrapped up the initial book last weekend and, while I was underwhelmed by the storytelling itself, I was enamored with the story. I'm also surprised the books are classified as horror. They don't seem all that horrific to me, but maybe I'm jaded. 
I'm also looking forward to teaching Pan's Labyrinth next week in my fairy-tales class. I think it is going to freak my students the freak out. Which is always a good thing. Plus, it is just fabulous. 
We're loving this outfit from I'm almost sad to see the snow ending soon. Almost.
My kids and I have both been clapping along to this song from Pharrell. It reminds me of some great Marvin Gaye jam. You cannot hear this song and not dance. 

I love the blog Manhattan Nest, which is largely about renovating an old property in Brooklyn and all things DIY, thrifting, and decorating. Plus, the author Daniel Kanter is witty, smart, and self-deprecating. The perfect combination.
So, this is a picture of my kid. She's amazing (and her first dance competition of the season is this Saturday. Wish her luck!!). But I'm really posting this here because we love these leotards from Alisha Lines, which help dancers concentrate on their alignment and the placement of their bodies in ballet especially. If you're a dance mom like me, check them out. 

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