Friday, February 7, 2014

The Rap Sheet (This Week's Best at the Nest)

This week has been, well, a little nuts. I have been disconnected from the blog all week because there has been too much going on. So, today, you get a very personal Rap Sheet, filled with the highlights of our week. (Oh, and we officially broke the 100,000 mark today. I know to some of you bloggers, that's like a daily number, but it's a big milestone for us:)!! Thanks to everyone who stops by to read and share in our lives. We love you!!). A/J

Reason Number 1 this has been a stressful week: We had to buy a new car. Say hello to Bonnie Blue (we name all of our vehicles: I've had the Tempest, the Skate, Mean Green, the Purple Pinstripe, and Mama Jag, just to name a few). This one has four-wheel drive, because my other car was literally a skate in the snow. Phew.
#whatimreading/teaching: I absolutely love this book and think everyone should read it. It's about one woman's experience of the holocaust through the lens of the fairy-tale "Briar Rose."
My article on Edward Gorey and the Humour in Children's Horror appeared in the Winter 2013 edition of Inis Magazine. I am so thrilled with how it looks. I wish you could read it online, but it's not yet available in that format:((. 
I snapped this picture of my husband and my girls a few nights ago. It shows just how much they love him and feel comforted by his presence. Kind of how I feel about him too;).  
I have been rhinestoning everything in sight. Dance competitions start in two weeks. If you're a dance mom (see my post from earlier in the week to find out), enough said;). 
To try to get some stability back, I signed up for this free two-week "Mama Sanity Bootcamp" with my friend and fellow blogger Betsy at You should check it out and join me!! 
I swear things will be back to normal next week. Say it with me, Things will return to normal ... things will return to normal ...;)

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