Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Destination Procrastination

I blame graduate school for the evolution of my finely honed skills as a procrastinator. Up until that point, I always started projects well in advance of the due date, worked on them piece by piece, chunk by chunk, until the entire project was completed, usually way before the deadline.

Then came graduate school.

There was always so much to be done that I could never seem to get to the end of one thing far enough in advance to begin work on the next thing in advance.

In advance ... These days, when I hear that phrase I think of getting an "advance" on my paycheck, which also regularly seems to show up a day late and a dollar short.

I've been trying to break myself of the procrastination habit of late. I start grading homework as soon as it comes in. I try to return email as soon as I read it (because if I don't, I'll forget about it and then never send said email). I am beginning to feel, however, like a hamster on a wheel, as my legs, eyes, and fingers never cease. I am constantly reading something, listening to something, thinking about something, writing something, cooking something, signing something, etc. etc. etc. I am nearing the point of exhaustion. Which makes me question whether just a little procrastination may actually be a good thing. At least, then, I can take a deep breath (albeit in the yoga class I have to schedule into my "free time" .... in advance).

Does anyone else feel like the treadmills we are running on have been turned up to high-speed? A/J
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