Monday, February 3, 2014

10 Signs You Might Be a Dance Mom

10 Signs You Might Be a Dance Mom
10. You have thought seriously about rhinestoning your cat.
9. You really have no idea what a fouette or a jete is, but you can say "Point your toes harder!" and "Think about your facials!"
8. You can do a sock bun, put in a fake ponytail, or fashion a hairstyle that looks like a bird mohawk in three minutes flat.
7. You have tried to do either a front or back walkover in the last two years (to show that kid of yours "how it's done") and seriously injured yourself in the process.
6. Sitting in a high-school auditorium chair for 10 hours straight on a Saturday seems perfectly normal to you (also, a walking taco seems like a perfectly nutritious and filling lunch).
5. Your Instagram is filled with pictures or videos of either your kid bent in half/twisting herself up in knots or yourself drinking wine and rhinestoning costumes (complete with hashtags #iwishicoulddothat and #dancemomproblems. Oh, and your kid's dance teacher comments with "Make sure you don't get wine on that costume!!").
4. You schedule your yearly family vacation around Nationals.
3. In "season," you see your fellow dance moms more than you see your husband.
2. Your Dream Duffel has been in your trunk since last season and you have just decided to take it out and re-pack it (mainly because dress rehearsal is this Saturday).
1. The answer to the question "Car payment or competition fees?" is usually ..... well, we all know the answer to that question, right;)?

Here's to a new comp season!! A/J

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