Friday, January 3, 2014

The Rap Sheet

Happy new year!! We're snowed in here at the Nest this morning (seriously though, my car won't get out of the driveway), so it will be a day of planning, cleaning, and thinking ahead. This year, for us, is a year of making our dreams come true. No big deal:). But, since my minions are still asleep, that will have to wait. Here, instead, is the Rap Sheet.

First up, this lovely post from N'Tima at We Seek Joy about the power of the postnatal body. My favorite lines: "My body is only a vessel for my spirit. An incredible vessel. It is strong, well, abled, and undefeated. My body is full of life. My body is powerful. My body made me a mother. If anything, I was ruined by the world before I knew her & she made me whole again."
I'm still in love with our wordy stairs. In case you missed them the other day, check them out now. This project took me about an hour max. You should try it!!
After seeing Disney's Frozen this week, I returned to Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tales (in this edition I bought at Anthropologie a few years ago; I have about 10 editions of Andersen's tales, but I'm a sucker for a new and interesting cover). Frozen is "loosely" (and by that they must mean, one tiny toe of the tale) based on Andersen's "The Snow Queen." While I still like Andersen's original tale more, I enjoyed Frozen. It had the typical bits about love and romance, but a different kind of love and a different kind of romance. A thumbs up from our family. 
This printable from Neil Gaiman, created by those over at Book Riot (if you don't follow their Facebook feed, get thee to a computer. So much fun book-related stuff). 
I think I need a new apron. This one from Rebel Circus will do just fine;). 
Just in case you would like to know, the "Which Golden Girl Are You?" quiz from the Oh My Disney blog (I'm Sophia). 
I'm still obsessed with book arches this week. This one is amazing. 
This feather tattoo makes me want to dig out my car. So I can get one. 
Thankfully, I can buy this owl shirt online from CiChic;). 
Have a great weekend!! Enjoy yourself! A/J
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