Thursday, January 23, 2014

Princesses on the Run (by Smiljana Coh)

Princesses on the Run by Smiljana Coh
Once upon a time, a princess broke free from her castle...

This afternoon, my youngest daughter Sophie and I read this delightful little book from Smiljana Coh that she received as a Christmas present (for some reason, people like to buy my kids fractured fairy tales;)). In it, a young princess named Antonia decides to awaken herself and her friends, Cinderella, Rapunzel, Snow White, and Sleeping Beauty, from their lives of drudgery and routine they have been living.

By the way, I think I am all of these princesses combined.  Cleaning, housebound, and tired. 
The girls take off for what might be considered a "Ladies Night Out" for tweeners, running away to the sea and tasting that delicious word "freedom."

The images in the book are part of the fun. They draw upon traditions of paper-cutting, watercolor, and including "real" images within the hand-drawn world of the tale (think of the Charlie and Lola series). 
When the girls come back, Rapunzel bobs her hair, Cinderella becomes a fashion designer, Sleeping Beauty evolves into a yogi, and Snow White runs a cross-country tour. Yes, perhaps the book would have been better if Rapunzel and Cinderella became lawyers/advocates for abused children, Sleeping Beauty fought the drug companies that invented Ambien, and Snow White wrote a book exposing the dangers of Photoshop, but I still enjoyed this little number from Coh. The book gets two thumbs-up from us here at the Nest. You can order Princesses on the Run here

Oh, and we read this lovely little book about Winter again this afternoon (click the link for a few other cold weather favorites). The words in it warm you right up:). A/J

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