Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Rap Sheet: The Gift/New Year's Eve Edition

We're all recovering from the holidays here at the Nest (my husband and I just completed a rather stellar rendition of "I like big guts and I cannot lie" mixed with "He's got big guts... She's got big guts ... but we've got the biggest ... guts of them all," which basically explains how we feel about our physical condition at the moment). Here's this week's Rap Sheet, filled with our favorite gifts and fun ideas for New Year's Eve. Enjoy! A/J
These candles from Manly Indulgence, which, if I am being perfectly honest, I bought for myself. They smell delicious and come in scents like "5 o'clock Shadow," "Leather Boots," "Fresh Shave," "Humidor," and "Woodshop." You can find them on ebay, but I found mine at the local T.J. Maxx for $7.99 (much less than what's available online, where they go for between $25-$30). 
These specially designed bracelets, gifts from my mom. Get your own "We're all mad here" Alice in Wonderland bracelet from Foxwise: Hand-Stamped Jewelry for Cool People
I now have my very own "From the Library of" stamp, courtesy of my brother and sister-in-law. Get your own from MJs Art Stamps. Oh, and the book Witches of Pennsylvania too. Score! 
This traditional schnerenschnitte cutting of the Mad Hatter's table from Pittsburgh artist Kathryn Carr. Check out her website to order your own cutting or print
I seriously want to live in my local Anthropologie store (minus the over-coiffed rich bitches who clearly have way too much money to appreciate the cleverness of the displays). This book arch from Anthropologie is divine. I have no idea how to construct it. But I want it. Like yesterday. 
While we're on Anthropologie, you should buy this journal for the new year, Q&A a Day: 365 Questions, 5 Years, 1,825 Answers, which I found there last year. I have actually filled out each entry in this book for the past year. And I am an absolutely terrible journaler. You can find it here
To close up shop, some fun ideas for New Year's Eve. We stay in and revel in our family. Here's a few things that will make the revelry all the more festive. Hand-crafted flutes from Pop Sugar
Sparkle and Shine drink stirrers from Pizzazzerie
Gold-"leafed" balloons to decorate the living room (from Balloontime)
And, last but not least, these chalkboard party hats from My Sister's Suitcase. These have 2013 written all over them:). 
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