Thursday, December 5, 2013

Romance with an Edge

I like to dress in a way that is pretty, but hard; romantic, but tough. Here are a few of my favorite looks for this holiday season (I'm trying to convince myself I can pull off short skirts with high boots; we'll see whether I follow through). Enjoy! A/J

This one might have to be a teensy bit longer;). But it looks so ridiculously comfy. 
I love these jeans. And her smile. 
Black and white. And shorts. With tights. 
I'm way too old to wear anything this short. Alas. But I love the style in general. If only I had long hair again:(.
I must have this jacket. Paired with a lacy dress. 
Love. Her hair especially
I bought a knock-off of these boots recently from Wet Seal. Now, I just need the socks and the sweater. And something to wear under the sweater. 
Well, it may not be something to wear, but it makes the ultimate statement
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