Monday, December 23, 2013

Last-Minute DIY Gifts: Cookie Plates for Santa

I was inspired this week, after reading this post about her Cookies for Santa plate from Jenn at Rook No. 17 (seriously, follow her blog - such cute ideas!!), to try to make one for myself. I made a plate exactly like Jenn's for my kids (hers looks like this, which is great because Santa signs the plate on Christmas Eve). And then I wanted to make more of them! I especially wanted to do one for my niece and nephew, but I didn't want my sisters-in-law to have to worry about signing the plate on Christmas Eve if they didn't want to, and I wanted to give the kids something that could be their own special heirloom. So, long story short, I changed up Jenn's design a bit (adding black to the gold theme and changing the signature). Such a fun, quick gift to make, but one that can last a very long time.

DIY Cookies for Santa Plate
Check out Rook No. 17 for easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions. One note, when I baked our plates the black paint pulled together. I had to go over the black several times in order to make sure that the writing was solid. Also the gold ink tended to pull together in certain spots (make sure you clean the plates really well before starting and try to touch them as little as possible). Good luck! Have fun getting in that last-minute crafting;). A/J

Oh, and here's our stairway to Christmas heaven. I almost forgot!!

Decorated stairway for Christmas. 

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