Monday, December 16, 2013

How to Make Nail-Polish Christmas Ornaments

How to Make Nail-Polish Christmas Ornaments
This is a fun Christmas craft for girls from 1 to 92. OK... maybe not 1. 2 to 92.  My nine-year-old and her best friend especially loved making them, swirling together crazy combinations of colors. Here's what you do:
  • Purchase from your local craft store one package of Christmas ornaments (we went with the medium-sized ones, but you could use large or small). I found these ornaments for 70% off (there seem to be a lot of sales on Christmas decor right now, so this is the perfect time to get crafty). 
  • Dig around in your cabinets for old nail polish. Luckily, I rarely throw anything out, so I had a lot. 
  • These are seriously about the easiest things to make ever. Simply tilt the ornament to the side and pour in the color that you want. Encourage the kids to be careful how much polish they pour into the ornament, as any excess will pool in the bottom of the globe (you can always pour off the extra after they are done, however, as I had to do for my little one). 

  • When they are finished, dry the ornaments in an egg carton with the stem upright. Ours took a good while to dry (maybe three days). And they were smelly. But they sure are pretty. You can also add monograms later in glitter by painting or drawing their initials in glue and then dusting the ornament with glitter. 
Voila. Our completed nail-polish ornaments. 
They sure look pretty and sparkly on the tree. Enjoy making your own!! A/J

Our two tree toppers. I've decided to call the style of our tree "Chaotic Jumble of Memories Collected Over 50 Years" (thanks, Cousin Rebecca for that one:)).
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