Thursday, December 12, 2013

Gentlemen, Please Put Your Jingle Balls Away

I would prefer it if you did NOT show your Joe on public television before 11:00 PM, thank you very much. 
Let's get one thing straight. I am far from being a prude. I still laugh like hell at Pete Schweddy and his delicious Schweddy balls.

After 11:30.

I do become a prude, however, when I am watching TV at 9:00 at night with my nine-year-old daughter only to find six handsome gentlemen ringing their balls all over the place in shiny lame boxers. Trying to explain to a nine-year-old girl why it's funny that grown men are jiggling their junk to the tune of resounding bells, all while supposedly celebrating the birth of Christ, is ... well .... ahem.... interesting.

Yes. The commercial is funny. The first time I saw it, I laughed (mainly because my mother-in-law had commented on it on Facebook, and I was imagining my father-in-law dancing around in his boxers ... which was quite an imaginary sight). The "Show Your Joe" ad loses its luster, however, when I realize girls like my nine-year-old are innocently exposed to several grown Joes' junk on the ABC Family channel while watching Home Alone 2 during the "ABC Family 25 Days of Christmas." Is this what's considered family entertainment these days?  Maybe if you live in a household full of boys obsessed with their penises. I imagine then the family might find it hilarious. But in a household populated mostly by females (even our cat is a girl), it's quite a different story.

Thank you, Joe Boxer, for forcing me to strike up the genitalia conversation at 9:00 PM on a Wednesday night during Home Alone 2. I even pinched myself to make sure I wasn't in the middle of some crazy nightmare out of 1995 (Does anyone even wear Joe Boxer's anymore?). Keep it classy, K-Mart.

Yes. I do realize how ridiculous that just sounded. A/J  
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