Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Whimsical Jewelry

There is nothing I love more than kitschy jewelry. I refuse to wear anything that doesn't speak to me. These pieces do. Enjoy! A/J

Pinwheel Earrings from Uncovet
This octopus ring from Fab
My heart is under lock and key, also from Uncovet
Say Je t'aime with jewelmint
Antique amethyst ring from Eragem. This one deserves a large view. 
I love charms that are ... well ... charms. I already have a horseshoe, a wishbone, and a cross. Next up, this evil eye from Vault. 
O.M.G. There are no words. Python Ring, Ileana Makri
Moon and Star Earrings from Shoptique
I adore this. From Andrew Hamilton
Last, but not least, yet another from Uncovet - their Tangle Ball Necklace. 
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