Friday, October 25, 2013

The Rap Sheet

Here's what we are coveting, reading, humming, and generally loving this week at the Owl's Skull. TGIF! J/A

This post about the ridiculosity that is the Restoration Hardware Children's catalog from Suburban Turmoil is f*&}ing hilarious. That said, I still want everything in this French-chateau-chic room for my daughters. Shame on me. 
This printable from Vintage & Anchor Books about the phenomenon that is the ever-burgeoning library. On that note, I have decided just this year to purge all of those books that are not personally meaningful to me (resulting in the selling/donation of 30 bankers boxes of books). This was actually quite liberating. 
This Carpe Diem mug from Kate Spade shared by the Shabby Creek Cottage blog. My husband says that the other side of the mug reads "With your right hand, jerk."
This printable from I have always felt that the autumn's falling leaves ring in the New Year, not the rigid days of early January. 
I'm not sure what in the hell this pumpkin from Believe in the Magic of Christmas has to do with the birth of Christ, but I love it. 
God love Betty White. 

And Elvis in black leather.

Yet another reason why our kids should read.  From The Harry Potter Alliance.
This necklace, from the Etsy shop EnchantedWonderland
This sweatshirt from the Etsy shop NeenaCreates.

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