Friday, October 11, 2013

The Rap Sheet

For your procrastination/pinspiration pleasure, we bring you the Rap Sheet.

These shoes!! From Book Fetish: Volume LXXXX 
Apparently, Erica Jong doesn't even believe in the "zipless fuck" anymore. #whatisthisworldcomingto #ilovestupidhashtags ... Also, does anyone else think it's funny that a woman with the last name "Weiner" wrote the introduction to this edition? #bueller #bueller
Even though Robin Thicke forever ruined this suit (seriously; I completely thought he was hot until that ridiculous display of hubris/mid-life crisis at the VMAs), this is still one damned good movie. And it's perfect for this time of year. Along with the ghost I am now convinced is living in my house.
This gives a whole new meaning to the term cat tree. Yikes. Reminds me of the upstairs neighbor made of rats in Neil Gaiman's Coraline. From I Love Halloween
Thank you, American Horror Story, for reminding me this song existed.

One of the greatest scenes in movie history. And one that reminds me of the summer I turned 10, and read Erma Bombeck and watched this movie incessantly at Andrea Fazzari's. I think Nardo helped me discover that boys existed;). 

This Alice cuff bracelet, which I stole from my daughter. I'm not ashamed. When jewelry is this awesome, one must fend for herself. From Miss Priss Kids, available in Pittsburgh and south of Pittsburgh at Principessa, an elite children's boutique.

Thoroughly enjoyed my first listen to the Avett Brothers' new album Magpie and the Dandelion this week. If you don't know about the "First Listen" program at NPR, you should. BTW the first song is killer. And I finally put my money where my mouth is and made a monthly donation to public radio. You should too:). 
What the hell. Let's end with some more Poe style. This Nevermore scarf from binarywinter at Etsy. It is October, after all. 
Enjoy the weekend;).J/A

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