Monday, October 28, 2013

Deck the Halls (with Skulls, Tombstones, and Mice)

A quick little post today (those pesky papers I have yet to grade are in the way) showing you some of our favorite Halloween decorations here at Wonderland Manor. What is your favorite Halloween decoration in your haunted abode? A/J

The Rats of NIMH are camping out on our stairs. These are from the Martha Stewart Halloween craft line - on sale this week at Michael's for $1.99!!! (See Princess Sophie below)

Our spider and skull mantle. #idolikespidersandsnakes #andthatiswhatittakestoloveme #likeIwannabelovedbyyou
These look like two randy pumpkins, decorated with stick-on felt eyes, mustaches, goatees, and rhinestones, and a little yarn hair (from the Pumpkin Decorating Birthday Party we attended this weekend - so fun!!!). #sotwopumpkinsrollintoabar
Vintage Halloween cards (purchased at an auction) and framed. I'm not sure who wants to come in and stay, btw. A ghost? Mice?
Our black candy pumpkin, in case you missed her:). 
I can't wait for Trick or Treat Thursday night (the costumes are planned, the Jolly Ranchers are bought). Here's what I went as last year - Zombie Poison Fan ca. 1982 (See this old post for last year's Halloween party antics):

Funny story, I put Sophie down for a nap and got dressed, did my makeup/hair/etc. and then not thinking went in to wake her up from her nap. She freaked the freak out. Oops. 
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