Thursday, October 10, 2013

A Very Merry Birthday: Mad Hatter Tea Style

This past Saturday night, we had a Mad Hatter Tea Party for my daughters' third and ninth birthdays (they are six years and one week apart). Here are some of my favorite pictures, in case you would like to recreate the festivities for yourself:).

Cheshire Cat Cupcakes (Some ideas on Pinterest for these)
Our tablescape (minus the cupcakes - they were on their way:)). We made the cupcake tower from china and cups purchased at Goodwill, stuck together with crazy glue, for under $5.00!! More Pinterest inspiration here:).
I love when I get a chance to use my Alice china:).
Twenty-questions confetti purchased at Target. The girls loved asking each other these rather grown-up questions:).
The cupcake tower filled in with smiling faces.
Costumes or Alice-themed attire was required. These hats meant serious business!
Make a wish.
These legwarmers don't really have much to do with Alice, but they were super-cute.
Our chandalier festooned with paper lanterns and glittery disks.
Say cheese:))))).
Most of my inspiration came from Pinterest, linked above, and this book, available for purchase here:

Have fun planning your own very merry (un)birthday:)!! A/J

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