Friday, August 23, 2013

The Ugly Mug

Dear readers, I have a problem. One entire cabinet in my kitchen (both sides, three shelves) houses coffee mugs of all shapes and sizes. Short, fat, tall, skinny, colorful, subdued, wordy, stoic. My husband continually asks me why we need so many. And then I buy more. Here are a few of my most recent acquisitions, instagrammed.

Suspect #1:
Suspect #2:

Suspect #3:

Suspect #4:
On another note, today is my tenth wedding anniversary. It seems just yesterday I was 18, wearing short blue jean shorts and a cropped gingham top, drinking a citrus Zima, when I first laid eyes on him. Covetously. Since I'm now 36, that means the Before Mike and After Mike segments of my life are equally balanced. Which just seems so weird.

My partner in crime. 
Much love. ~A
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