Saturday, August 10, 2013

Chalkboard Spray Paint (WARNING: This Stuff is Addictive)

I've been a chalkboard spray-painting fool this past week. While I was spraying the $1.99 tray I bought at Goodwill, ripping off an idea I got from Max & Erma's, my daughter said, "Why don't you spray-paint the beer bottles?" (leftover from our pizza party ... Sam Adams Summer Sampler = golden, btw). Initially, I said, "Why would I do that?" And then I saw two empty wine bottles sitting next to the case of empty beer bottles, and I thought, "Why wouldn't I do that?"

So, here are my latest spray-paint projects from this week. The first, inspired by Miss Maggie's offhand comment, is currently being used as a bracelet holder in the bedroom.

Basically, strip the labels off of the bottles, scrub them up, and spray away (in quick short bursts to avoid drips). 
I think they would also make cute table markers for a wedding or party, and I plan to use them to create centerpieces at our annual Trick-or-Treat Party (see last year's shindig here).

The second, my original project, is the chalkboard tray inspired by the decor at Max and Erma's. Right now, it's welcoming guests. I'm in the hunt, however, for other cheap trays to paint as well, which I plan to use for the Mad Hatter's Tea Party Birthday celebration we are throwing for the girls.

This one, as simple as spraying the tray and watching it dry. My kind of project. 
While I'm at it, I'll also share the headboard I picked up at Goodwill last week for $9.99. It was scratched and had ugly brass knobs, but a coat of flat white, and it's pretty again (to use a Nicole Curtis quote).

I refuse to iron my bedding. Just. can't. do. it. But hey, it's comfy;). 
Ah, the wonders of spray-paint. It's amazing how easily it can transform things.

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