Sunday, July 14, 2013

Home again, Home again ...

Well, we're back from our week in Cape May. Part of me is glad to be back; I'm ready to get this house back in order after I neglected it for nearly a month while wrapping up the book. Part of me longs to return to the beach, the rhythm of the waves and the days - wake up, go to beach, eat a humongous dinner, drink wine, eat fudge. Rinse. Repeat.

Here are a few of my favorite pics from the week. Now, back to reality. Reality bites. ~Alice (aka jess)

Day 1: Sophia's first time at the beach, and she's acting like a pro. "So this humongous beach, that I've never seen before, no big deal. I got this s*&^ handled." 

Miss Mags rocks the house and brings home a first-place overall trophy at her Dance Nationals. No biggie;).
The journey of a thousand miles ... (to steal a caption from my brother-in-law)
Dinner at A Ca Mia, in Cape May. We ate here twice, partly because we adored our waitress from the first night,
but then she wasn't working the second time. The experience is never the same:(.
If it comes in a flask, of course I will. 
One of my beach purchases. It. is. awesome.
One of my other beach purchases. This sailor bracelet reminds of seventh grade, sneaking beer,
and boys. That about sums up why I had to buy it. 
You've got to make the best of rainy days. And it more than rained. It poured buckets. Right on our heads. 
Say hello to our new friends Hoots and Trixie. Trixie makes a really annoying sound btw. Which is awesome. 
My mom makes her first appearance on the blog. Drinking wine. Which is also awesome.
(She will hate this btw and probably call me yelling at me in, oh, about an hour). 
Kohr Bros. = Happiness. 
Harassing seagulls. That about sums it up.  
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