Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Cookin' with the Cousins ...

I've been cooking a great deal over the last two weeks. When I'm working on a major project, everything goes to hell, including the quality of our daily bread. When the project is over, however, I wallow in every corner of my kitchen, savoring the simple pleasures of putting together a good meal.

Today, when I was mulling over which recipes to try next, I pulled off the shelves a little cookbook that my husband's grandmother, Doris, gave us for our wedding shower. Doris (whose middle name was Delilah; the two names together always struck me as a unique combination) was a card, one of the most interesting women I have ever known. An avid reader. A whiz at puzzles. Unafraid of stating her opinion (once I bought her a book by J.D. Robb, aka Nora Roberts, and she returned it to me with the note, "Terrible book"). Refused to buy anything not made in America. Oh, and she also decided, somewhere in her late 80s-early 90s to paint a mural on the side of her house, which was already flamingo pink. In short, I always admired Doris's spirit, her quick wit, her toughness - and her baking ability. The woman could make some truly excellent cookies.

The recipes in the cookbook she gave me, which was put together by the descendants of her husband's family (many of the contributions from Doris's own daughters), take me back to my childhood, the days when my own grandmother would spend hours upon hours making halushki and halupki. One of the following recipes I share in honor of Doris. The other, well, it's just pretty damned funny.

I think Ms. Rebecca Schlenkerman, Daughter of Teresa, has the right idea. Oh, and Doris, I hope you're painting some fine morals up there in heaven. ~Alice (aka jess)
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