Saturday, May 11, 2013

Saturday Night Projects: Upcycling from My Shed

I spent most of the day today sleeping in (I mean, waaaaay in ... like noon), eating yummy pancakes, going to the book store, and thrift shopping. A perfect day if you ask me. Feeling a little guilty about the general malaise of the day, I decided to undertake a few simple projects when I returned home.

When we moved into our house last August, we discovered that the previous owners had left a hodgepodge (I love that word) of stuff in the shed. Last weekend, I dug through some of the junk, pulling out the little gems below.
I have ideas for all of these loveys. Today, however, I stuck to the dry-goods barrel and the metal tub. 
The first project I tackled tonight was staging the barrel, which I wanted to use untouched (I love its rough patina). I thought it would make a perfect place to rest a cocktail (my cocktail brain is always thinking;)).

Next, I tackled spray-painting the metal bin, which I decided would house all of the girls' crap that I didn't want to leave lying around in various states of disarray (which will no doubt happen anyway;)).

The wine may be to blame for the "S" being a little wonky. What the hell;). 
Finally, I framed and hung my one-of-a-kind Cheshire Cat du Noir, painted by my lovely friend Debbie at Funky Trunk Treasures.

He's found his rightful place next to my cabinet of curiosities:). I'm going to try to commission an Alice based on the Maurin Quina green fairy to go with him. Stay tuned.
Now that's enough work for a Saturday. Until tomorrow. ~Alice

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